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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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ship here, we would like to declare this unico day here in san francisco. [ applause ] >> thank you, very much. mayor lee and thank you very much everyone. i think that we are ready now to spread the unico ribbon for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, yes? if we could have, here we go, just underneath, yes, please. yes, i think that everyone has, yes, thank you very much. so, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to do it on the count of three. we will go, 3, 2, 1 for our guests and for our executives, obviously we have a number of very interested photographers here so please give us your best unico smile possible. ladies and gentlemen, so if we are ready, 3, 2, 1, all right?
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>> 3, 2, 1... [ cheers ] >> thank you very much, everyone. and i think that we will be opening in probably... >> yes? >> we will be opening very, very shortly. one moment please. >> regular meeting of the board of education for the unified school district for october 9, is now called to order. >> roll call >> miss fewer?
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>> here. >> miss mendoza, here. >> miss wins? >> here. >> miss ly. >> here. >> thank you. >> you may join me in the pledge of allegiance. lye,.
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>> miss fewer? >> yes. >> dr. merasi? >> aye. >> and mr. yee. >> six ayes. >> thank you. >> presentation to the board of education superintendents report tonight, your thoughts for the evening. >> thank you president yee and good evening, everyone. i hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend this weekend in san francisco. it is definitely filled with exciting activities. we are so fortunate to live in a city where we have a robust offering of cultural activities.
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i also want to add my voice to the course of those across the city that are saying, go giants >> this past friday, our middle school students over 3,000 of our middle school students, were treated to an exclusive concert, at the harley strictty blue grass festival at the golden gate park. thanks to the late warren hellman, a true men of san francisco, this has become an annual tradition for the sixth graders and the school staff throughout san francisco. we have the opportunity to enjoy a morning concert with some of the festival's greatest artists in an open air arena where everyone has fresh air. our students had a great time. i can report to the board and to the public that there was lots of singing and dancing, that took place. and i also want to thank the organizers of the harley strictly blue grass festival and our amazing team of
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district employees, lead and supported by mary richards in our human resources department for another exciting festival. well run. if you can imagine transporting 3,000 students in a 30-minute time frame and picking them up and taking them to school and every sing of one of them making it back, you can understand the logistics involved. so thank you very much. >> would i like to mention that this friday i had the honor and opportunity to attend the 44th anniversary of the mission language and vocational school award dinner and i want to on behalf of the school district appreciate the great work of this organization and the way that it has done for 44 years to serve the language and the job needs of our community. i think that a good time was had by all and many of us were there and it was a true honor to be there among so many san francisco ans who have dedicated so many years to serving the community. on saturday it was my
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opportunity as well to attend the teachers for social justice conference that was held at mission high school. i can report that the conference had over 300 participants including many across the country and i think that some from new york reported being here just for that conference. it was exciting to see of the many things that happened, the learning that happened across many schools and many of our own educators that were presenting to other educate ors during that time period. so congratulations to the organizers of the conference this past saturday. as you know, our school and school side councils are busy analyzing the cst scores and other measure to refine the balance score cards for this coming year. at the central office level we have been analyzing the data to determine how to strengthen the support that we provide to schools we encourage parents to
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are involved in the score card process and encourage to you have your voice heard that is the blueprint for your schools actions so your voice is critically important. i want the public to know that we will be releasing key documents tomorrow to our board of education members and the public via our website that will outline the organization and support structure as we move forward. and as you know one of the questions that we have been asked is how are we going to continue to support schools moving forward? and so, be on the look out for that information. and as a final teaser, last but not least, we look forward to sharing some very good news in the next couple of days certaining our students and schools performance once the embargoed api data, academic performance data has been lifted that will be lifted on thursday. and i am optimistic that you will be as pleased with the news as i am. and i can just say that
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everyone should be smiling from ear to ear and very grateful that we live in san francisco. so, just a little teaser for you and, more information to come on thursday. with that i want to wish everyone a wonderful evening this evening. >> thank you superintendent carranza >> item c, recognitions and resolutions of come men daysing, today we have the come men daysing of the latin american teachers association, on the occasion of hispanic heritage month offered by commissioner emily murase and nor ma yee. >> is there a motion? >> so moved. >> reading the resolution, by the author, commissioner murase? >> yes, i will just be relevant passages.
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in comment daysing. whereas it has been celebrated national by since 1988 september 15th to mark the independence day on september 15th as well as mexico, september 16th and chile september 18th and concludes on october 15th after indigenous people's day and the san francisco unified school district includes over 3500 students in the schools, the grades prek to 12. many of who contribute not only the cultural traditions but the spanish language to enrich the lives of all students and significant number of school district employees from classroom teachers to para professionals to facility and staff and principal and administrators including mr. carranza share this heritage, where in particular, the latin american teacher association has since 1970 established as the mission to promote bi
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lingual and to advocate for achievement through family conferences honorable celebration and college fares, whereas the annual scholarship dinner, it has provided thousands of dollars to scholarships to deserving inner city, particularly those who cannot enroll in college without financial help. therefore be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district come mends the school district on the 2012, heritage month for dedicated effort to celebrate and to empower latino educators and family to be sure that the school district is responsive to the community. and i also want to acknowledge secretary, ester casco. [ applause ] >> so there is no public
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speakers for the sign up for this. any comments from the board? >> commissioner mendoza? >> i do want to comment and i want to thank both of you for bringing this forward and it is an important acknowledgment in our community in i want to acknowledge that our mayor as well as speaker pelosi is celebrating over at city hall as we speak and we will be excusing our very own superintendent because he will be receiving the education award on behalf of honoring the month this evening.
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congratulations. >> miss, lee, yes. >> miss fewer. >> yes. >> miss maufus. >> miss mendoza. >> yes, and the giants won, 1 to 1. >> thank you. >> dr. murase. >> aye. >> miss wynns? >> aye. >> and mr. yee. >> aye. >> is there a representative from lata here in >> yes.
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>> hello. hi, there, my name is loreta tores and i am the president of lata and one thing that i want to say is thank you so much. for this recognition, it is a... what happened to my team here? there is our vice president, morales and she is the past president and then next to her is mahi who is our secretary and our steadfast, you know, part of the cheer leaders and this is our grassroots. it is a small organization, but our membership is of 200 teachers and that middle money that we collect every month we have been doing it since 1970, it just proves that when we spend about 7 to 10 high school latinos, mostly undocumented, with a little money in their pocket to make it to college.
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thank you, very, very, much. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> all right. that was great. >> item d, student delegate's report? >> we didn't have a meeting since the last board meeting so we don't have much to update. however, our committees have begun to meet, so we look forward to hearing the report out at our meeting tomorrow. and we are super excited to have superintendent carranza, but he is not here. visit our meeting on october 22nd. we are also concerned about the athrough g requirements and the number of african american latinos and samoan students who are not on track to graduate in 2014 and we would like to do whatever they can to be part of
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this movement and moving forward. we, although, fac has a meeting tomorrow, we are co-sponsoring the board of education form tomorrow, october 10th at college track. for 301 third street from 5 to 8 p.m. >> thank you. student delegate. ly. >> item e, parent advisory council report? pac representatives? >> good evening. all. >> my name is roy fostan and i have two kids in the public school system and one is nine at sheraton elementary and the other one is 13 at herbert hoover, and i want to say jr. high, but it is herbert hoover
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middle school. actually i went there. any way, we know that you are moving forward with this process with the ag school graduation requirements and we have heard parents and students talking about this and the pac just wants to echo the urgency to address this problem. and we want to know how we can be involved in this. >> i just want to add, the staff and the parent advisory council here for georgia brat who has two sick children at home. and as everyone else said we are the pac is very concerned about the students who are not on track to graduate. we know that you are meeting and working on this and have a plan, we are also going to meet with district staff soon, to ask the many questions that we
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have to figure out what the parent advisory council with do to help be more involved in this issue. and in fact there are so many important initiatives happening in the district even if you narrowed it from 13 priorities down to 6. we just can never really talk indepth about all of the issues in regular pac meetings and so we are starting to have a series of community briefings to meet with the staff to go more in depth about the issues and focusing on more than one issue at a time >> tomorrow is the first time and we are meeting with carla brayant to here about the early education programs and how to better align the pre-k with elementary schools. we invite other kind of partner groups that we work with, to just kind of give an opportunity for other family and education advocate to have indepth discussion about important issues in the district. over the rest of the fall and
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the winter we are going to have more of these briefings and we are going to be meeting to hear about the low plan and the services for english learns and also here about the special education services are changing to be more ininclusive and we will be doing that throughout this year. >> okay. thank you. >> okay any comments? any questions from the board? >> commissioner fewer? >> thank you, president yee. thank you for your report. i wanted to know if you had received copies of the presentation that was at the select committee meeting and also at the curriculum committee meeting on special education and we also looked at, at that time, i think that you were there ruth and we talked about the disproportionality of african americans under the emotionally disturbed diagnosis and also we got some new information from
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dr. blonco that i think dr. crawford would you mind sending the pac the information that we requested at that meeting it is actually fascinating and i think that you will find it interesting also. any of the information that we received, having to do with achievement and the african americans about graduation, also around education and if you would not mind sending a copy to the pac so that since they are interested they will have the most information. >> also if you would not mind sending it to the delegates since the report and it seems like they are very interested in this issue. thank you. >> yes, actually, thank you commissioner fewer. pac members and myself have been at all of these meetings of the two curriculum committee meetings and this select meeting at city hall and that is why the pac actually voted last month that this issue of
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a-g requirements and addressing the students that are not atrack that is one of our priority issues of for this year. and so we have a hard copy of all of the materials and it probably would be helpful if we had them electronically. >> i just wanted to mention that we are going to revisit this at every curriculum committee meeting. so if you have, if the pac has questions that they would like to bring forth and if you discuss things and you want more information or you want a specific aspect of this, being presented on by staff, feel free to e-mail it to me and since i am the chair i am happy to put it on the agenda. >> thank you. >> thanks for your interest. >> okay. thank you, thank you for your report. >> thank you. >> let's move on to item f, public comment and consent items. i don't have anybody signed up
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for this. so, item g. consent calendar? is there a motion and a second on a consent calendar? >> motion. >> second. >> any items withdrawn or who is speaking for the superintendent? deputy mayor? deputy, mayor... >> thank you president lee. >> i respectfully decline. i don't believe that there are any items to correct or withdraw. >> any items removed by the board? >> any items severed by the board for discussion and vote tonight? >> roll call? >> vote, will take place under a section 0. item h? superintendent's proposal. moved and seconded on
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september,... this is 1, 29-sp1, revision to board policy, bp, 1342, uniform complaint procedures. it was moved and seconded on september 25th. and it has already gone through the committee and has forwarded back to the board with a positive recommendation and so a reading by the super indent tent or mr. davis. >> good evening, commissioners, what you have before you, is superintendent's propassal 129-25 sp1, second reading, revision to board policy, 1342, uniform complaint procedures and requested action is that the board of education of san francisco unified school district revise board policy, 1342 entitled uniform complaint procedures to conform with current law and federal program
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audit findings of april, 2012. >> there is no therefore... >> thank you very much. >> okay. there is no public speakers signed up for this. any comments or questions or discussion from the board? >> seeing none, roll call please. >> miss lee? >> yes. >> miss fewer? >> yes. >> miss maufus >> yes. >> miss mendoza. >> yes. >> murase? >> aye. miss nor tan, wynns. aye. >> six ayes >> item i, board members proposals held for speakers and cards and action, none tonight.
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>> and now we are up to requests to speak regarding general matters. i believe that there is one speaker. lidia, rayna? >> you have two minutes. >> thank you very much for listening to me. my name is lidia rayna and i am here on behalf of mr. two ng. he has been dealing with the school district and trying to get his son who is a special ed student to be assigned to the school that was referred by his teacher. and he is not at least assigned him to the school in his
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neighborhood so that he can attend with his older siblings. right now he is being bused across town to marina and we are just asking for help. we have talked to many, many administrators in the district and nobody will help us. the family, mr. strong and mrs. strong have been spending a lot of time off of work to come and have meetings. nobody will meet with him, with them, and they will not give them an explanation as to why their son is bused across town when he needs to be at least with his older siblings. >> excuse me. where is the older siblings going? >> geonani? >> the older sibling in geonani? >> is miss... who is... would somebody take care, thank you.
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>> thank you, very much. >> i appreciate it. >> okay, item, i think that was it, for public speakers. item k, advisory... that is it. item k, advisory committee report, appointments to advisory committees by board members. any appointments by board members right now? >> okay. item l. special order of business. i now call the public hearing and adoption tentative agreement and the related public disclosure document between the district and liuna, gardeners and laborers local, 261, is there a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> second. >> reading of the
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recommendations by tamarese. >> thank you, president yee. >> this item comes before the board and we ask you to accept the tentative agreement made between the district and our gardeners and laborers as well as the accompanying public disclosure document. i want to thank the bargaining teams for both the district and the gardener's and labors under there courtney's direction, thank you. >> there were no public speaks rs that signed up, any comments by the board? >> roll call, please. >> thank you. >> mis ly. >> yes. >> miss fewer? >> yes. >> miss mauf us. >> yes. >> miss mendoza. >> alicia winterstein. >> murase. >> aye. and wynns. >> alicia winterstein. >> aye. >> 18 through 25, we will begin by calling the public hearing
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of sufficiency of textbooks instructional materials for 2012-2013, as required by the education code of section 60119. may i hear a motion and a second. >> so moved. >> the code. >> okay. got you. >> reading the recommendation by sanctos. >> good evening. daisy sanctos, supervisor and we are asking you to approve the resolution regarding the sufficiency of textbooks and instructional materials as required by education code section 60119. and i will read the therefore, be it result. therefore be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified ol


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